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Gold Coast Swimming Pool Trends of 2019

29 Apr 2019 2:01 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

The Pool Gear Australia team are lucky to see some of the best pools on the Gold Coast as part of our daily pool servicing adventures. Spotting the latest trends is all part of the fun, so if you’re wondering what great ideas you can implement for your new Gold Coast pool; here’s some of our current favourites.


Do You Need a Pool Heater on the Gold Coast?

16 Apr 2019 2:03 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

Wondering if you need a pool heater? Check out our guide for all your heating options


Why You Need a Pre-Property Purchase Pool Inspection

18 Mar 2019 3:48 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

If you’re buying a Gold Coast property with a pool, we know you want to ensure it’s safe. You’ll book the local inspector to review the safety of the pool (if the owner hasn’t provided a pool safety certificate) and ensure any issues are rectified. These pool checks are completed by a licensed technician, BUT they only check the pool for safety issues.


Getting a Second Opinion for Your Pool

18 Mar 2019 3:45 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

Picture this. You religiously and fastidiously get your pool water checked by your local hardware store….BUT, your pool keeps going green. So you go back, again and again and it still goes green. The recommendations are the same (in varying degrees) suggesting that chemicals, plus salt are required to manage the algae in the pool.


Pool Maintenance 101

22 Jan 2019 10:39 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

Owning a pool is one thing, keeping it well maintained is another! There are a few simple steps we recommend all our household customers add to their home maintenance routine, to keep their pool sparking and clean.


New Year's Resolutions for your Pool!

20 Dec 2018 10:20 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2019! If you’re like us, the new year means New Year’s resolutions! This year, we think you should add a resolution or two about your pool! Whether it’s using it more regularly or doing a better job at keeping it clean, we’ve got some great ideas for you!


Keeping Your Pool Clean and Healthy

17 Dec 2018 11:11 AMTroy and Krista Piggott

Owning a pool is great; keeping it clean however can be just another job! There are a few different options available for keeping your pool clean and healthy depending on your budget, time and interest in doing it yourself (DIY).


Getting the Sparkle Back in your Pool

17 Dec 2018 11:04 AMTroy and Krista Piggott

Spending a fortune on chemicals and still not seeing results? Green or cloudy pools can mean lots of different things. It could be too much, or not enough chlorine or salt, phosphates, algae and even tiny bits of dirt and debris in the water causing the problems you’re seeing.


What to Consider When Purchasing a Pool

5 Dec 2018 3:43 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

Purchasing a pool is a big decision. They’re usually a large investment for your household but they’re also a lot of fun! When making the decision to build a pool, there are a few things we think you should consider:


Creating a Poolside Haven for your Guests

29 Nov 2018 12:55 PMTroy and Krista Piggott

Check out out latest blog for our tips on how to create a poolside haven for your guests!

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