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Keeping Your Pool Clean and Healthy

17 Dec 2018 11:11 AMTroy and Krista Piggott

Owning a pool is great; keeping it clean however can be just another job! There are a few different options available for keeping your pool clean and healthy depending on your budget, time and interest in doing it yourself (DIY).

At Pool Gear Australia, we offer a great variety of solutions, perfect for every budget, including:


  • Splash and Dash – get your pool back in balance with a quick chemical test and supply of the chemicals you need.
  • Regular Service Specials – monthly check up and pool clean, including the chemical test and the required chemicals.
  • VIP Monthly Service – for our real estate and commercial pool maintenance clients
  • Equipment Inspection – for ultimate peace of mind we check over your pool equipment, for early breakage or damages signs, then provide you with the parts you need or replacements as necessary.
  • Handover Service – ideal for new pool owners or tenants, this gets the pool in tip-top shape, with a one-off fee.
  • Sand Change – an essential 5 yearly service for sand filters.

If you’re more interested in managing your pool cleaning and chemicals yourself, our team of staff are always happy to help you with our computerised water testing systems, to give you the best recommendations available for your chemical needs. Simply bring in a water sample from your pool, we’ll run it through our testing machine, then provide you with a report for exactly what your pool needs to become clean and sparkling once again.

After water testing, your cleaning practices can be as simple as using the pool scoop, and the vacuum mechanism to clean leaves and debris from the pool. Taking it up a notch, we can also advise on and supply a huge range of pool cleaners – robotic and suction – to find the right one for you. Each option has different benefits and budget considerations for keeping your pool clean.

We also have a range of robotic cleaners for hire to commercial properties, offering the most advanced pool cleaning technology without the upfront cost!

To get the best advice on the Gold Coast for your pool, look no further than the Pool Gear Australia team! You can find us on both ends of the GC, at Pacific Pines and Burleigh Heads.