Protect your investment with Pool Gear’s real estate pool service Gold Coast. Pool Gear Australia is a preferred supplier to property managers and real estate agents across the Gold Coast, working closely with tenants to protect everybody’s interests.

For hassle-free, professional service, excellent communication and customer care, contact the team at Pool Gear today.


Preferred By Property Managers And Landlords

Pool Gear Australia has extensive relationships with property managers and real estate agents across all suburbs on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on our hassle-free, professional service and excellent customer care. As part of our real estate pool service Gold Coast we offer:


  • Excellent communication with property managers, landlords and tenants
  • Free, independent water analysis
  • Fast results and priority delivery service
  • Hassle-free approvals and record keeping
  • Equipment inspections and handover service
  • All repairs by experienced pool technicians
  • Trusted emergency contact for tenants


Communication And Customer Care

At Pool Gear, we understand that communication is key and we’re renowned for our professional and discrete service. We work to balance the interests of property managers, landlords and tenants; ensuring full compliance and customer satisfaction with all our pool inspections and maintenance. Contact our dedicated pool care team discuss your real estate pool service Gold Coast today.

VIP Real Estate Pool Service Gold Coast

Tenants who haven’t owned a pool before could often do with some extra help. And as a landlord, you know it makes sense to protect your investment. We offer VIP services specifically designed for landlords to help keep your running costs down; while minimising expensive repairs or early replacement of pool equipment.


Protect Your Investment With Monthly Servicing

Responsibility for pool maintenance can be a grey area if not managed correctly. Our monthly real estate pool service Gold Coast is a great option for landlords who want to protect their investment (as a condition of tenancy) or as an incentive offer for new tenants. Ask us about monthly pool servicing options today.


Tenants New To Pools? Book A Handover Service

Even if tenants look after the pool themselves, you still need someone you can trust in case anything goes wrong. Our real estate pool service Gold Coast includes a handover service that’s perfect for new pool owners or new tenants. Our expert technician will visit the property and conduct a complimentary water analysis test. We then go through step by step how to use your pool equipment, how to test water and what the results mean, and how to look after your pool with chemicals. Find out more about the Pool Gear Handover Service.